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My guess is you found your way here because something in your business or life isn’t working
and you have had enough of going around in the same circle.

Am I right?

You have come to the right place.  My mission is to help heart- centred women just like you share their unique music with the world.
Using Intuitive coaching and NLP Techniques together we will shift your “stuck”
and create lasting change so you can step into your full potential.

At the heart of what I teach, Coach and
practice are:

Intuition and connection to self

developing self trust + practicing and living from your own inner guidance.

Self Responsibility and Personal Growth

embodying your strengths and gifts, Addressing what isnt working and stretching beyond self imposed limits.

Habits, Inspired action and Accountability

doing the work of behaviour change, setting and achieving goals and conscious manifestation.

Paula McFarlane Insight Coaching

Hi I’m Paula,

Let me tell you a little about myself…. I am a self confessed coffee addict, deep thinker and feeler, empath and fur parent to Henri the Aussie Terrier and Georgie the cat and I live near the beach in Christchurch, NZ.

My journey to this point hasn’t been all smooth sailing and I know how tough it can be to live up to your own and everyone else’s expectations while trying to do and be all of the things it takes to keep your business and personal life running.

As your Coach, I understand you might feel overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated about your inability to achieve your goals. You might be struggling to feel confident in what you have to offer.

You might even be questioning why you started your business.

That’s why I’m here- to intuitively guide you to what is keeping you stuck and help you understand it, re-frame it and release it for good. Let me support you to break those life-long blocks, stop the self sabotage and make lasting changes, so you can enjoy the success, freedom, finances and love you truly desire.

Your Transformation Starts Here.

Work with me

Ready to radiate confidence from the inside out and achieve all your truest desires?

Imagine if it was easy…. Building a thriving business, growing your social media, having a waitlist of ideal clients eager to work with you, the time freedom, financial success, the deeply connected relationship you truly desire and friends who just get you!

Imagine if all you had to do have what you want was to simply be yourself

Well….it really is that easy, let me show you how.

Because each person has their own story, experience, and path to transformation, my unique framework helps each individual step into their power and feel truly free.

“In only two sessions we covered so much – more than I ever expected. Your calm, clear way of suggesting ideas, and making me think outside the square was amazing stuff. I was frantically scribbling down notes the whole time as I didn’t want to forget any of your valuable advice and suggestions.  I needed someone to help me organise these thoughts and ideas so I could turn them into something meaningful going forward. That has certainly happened as a result of your coaching and I am feeling very excited now I am on track. You have a way with words, you have lots of great ideas and suggestions, you have a calm manner that instantly put me at ease, and I believe this is the perfect vocation for you. I am sure we will interact again in the future. It has been invaluable. Thank you.”

Sharon Arnold, Hamilton, NZ

“I went from not loving, respecting and understanding myself to having a stronger relationship with myself. Paula is able to reach me when I cant get there on my own. She has made me realise the life I envision for myself is possible. Her Intuitive ability has shown me the tools I need and her individualised approached has really helped me. When I first met Paula I was yet to sign my first client, working with her has allowed me to develop my business in line with who I am. Now I choose the clients I want to work with. She has shown me I can create a life centred around who I really and be successful at it. Life just keeps getting better. “

Ellen van Ballegooij, Balance Bookkeeping

“I have had the privilege of working with Paula. Her calm, caring manner was so genuine and authentic. Her listening skills and the ability to pick up on subtle hints and clues was outstanding. She was very empathetic and intuitive and gave me some ways of thinking about things that I hadn’t thought of before. It felt like a chat with an old friend. I highly recommend Paula to anyone who is wanting to move ahead in life.”

Emma Burke, Hawkes Bay, NZ

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