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Intention is everything…….creating a beautiful life doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by intention.

Join me for a day of dreamlife mapping and create your unique business blueprint for 2024.

Vision 2024 VIP Planning Day is a full day workshop firmly focused  on YOU and what you want to create in your life and/or business in 2024.

During the course of the day you will:

  • Receive your personal decision making strategy based on your unique human design blueprint.
  • Uncover your personal measures of success and how to tap into joy every day.
  • Learn what alignment feels like in your body and how to use this to discern the best opportunities for your life and business.
  • Learn how to set goals that stick and how to create the habits you need to maintain focus through the year.
  •  Complete a whole life review to support balance throughout the year and identify areas for expansion, growth and healing.
  •  Bring it all to life with NLP techniques to anchor feelings of motivation and lock your goals into your future timeline, coding your success.
  •  Explore the neurology of change and get your brain on board with your goals.
  •  Receive my favourite tools and tips to support ongoing aligned action and focus.

Make no mistake this is no ordinary goal setting workshop.

Be lead by your desires in 2024

Investment $425 incl GST

Gourmet lunch provided

Hosted in Christchurch New Zealand.


    “You gotta recommend this to all. If Paula is doing another get to it. What I discovered about myself was life changing, and here I was thinking I was planning  a few goals. Magic, in fact if she’s not doing another pester her till she does.” Dayle Hunt

    “I attended Paula’s 1 day work shop and I was so glad I did! I had the advantage of Paula helping identify for me some goals for my business that were also centred around my personal values. This was exceedingly important as once established we could do a simple time line to achieve them. Now looking at the goals that I made with Paula’s help I know that it is possible to have successful business acumen which align with my personal values – thank you Paula” Deirdre Panapa DP Herbals

     I totally recommend this workshop, it gave me insight into what is most needing my focus for the year and what is going to keep my year light and fun, proactive and rewarding” 2018 VIP participant