Are you ready to grow beyond your current limits?

Hi I’m Paula,

Let me tell you a little about myself…. I am a self confessed coffee addict, deep thinker and feeler, empath and fur parent to Henri the Aussie Terrier and Georgie the cat and I live near the beach in Christchurch, NZ

As your Coach, I understand you might feel overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated about your inability to achieve your goals. You might be struggling to feel confident in what you have to offer.

You might even be questioning why you started your business.

That’s why I’m here- to intuitively guide you to what is keeping you stuck and help you understand it, re-frame it and release it for good. Let me support you to break those life-long blocks, stop the self sabotage and make lasting changes, so you can enjoy the success, freedom, finances and love you truly desire.

My journey to this point hasn’t been all smooth sailing and I know how tough it can be to live up to your own and everyone else’s expectations while trying to do and be all of the things it takes to keep your business and personal life running.

What I do know for sure is that everything you need is already inside you……all we have to do is reconnect you to your own inner guidance system.

 CertiMy Story

I am an Intuitive Coach,  NLP Coach, Timeline Therapist, Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master, Teacher and Entrepreneur. My passion is helping heart-centered business women awaken their inner guide, break life-long blocks, create lasting change  and feel truly free. 

I genuinely want to help others share their unique music with the world.

My own journey of self discovery began in my early 20’s. As a fledgling business owner, I came face to face with my own lack of confidence, self worth and belief. Coming up against the parts of myself that felt unworthy and not “good enough” was my life theme and nemesis through both my personal life and career.

Seeking that something deeper that would bring real meaning to my life, I explored many different types of meditation, spiritual development and also trained and competed as a Body builder. I was certain there was a greater purpose out there for me….I just had to find it

In my early 40’s, the loss of my husband and best friend became the true catalyst for my personal awakening. Suddenly all the certainty in my life was ripped away. All I had left was myself and it was in turning within that I found the deeper connection I had been seeking. I learnt to embrace my truth and to see how very valuable that was. I also had to break down all of my own fears and insecurities in order to accept my empathic nature and put my intuitive gifts front and centre in my life and work in order to experience the self acceptance, freedom and success I truly desired.

It’s now my greatest joy to walk alongside my clients as they do the same.

Let me help you awaken your own inner guide and identify what is holding you back. Then, together we will transform your life long blocks so you can step into your power and become a truer version of yourself. From that place all your desires will begin to bloom in your life and business.

My Background

I cut my teeth in business at the tender age of 24. After completing my Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching I was forced to think laterally about my future in a very tight job market. I ran my own Garden Design and maintenance business for 4 years before entering the field of teaching.

The urge to return to the freedom of self employment led me to my second business 5 years later, when I set up a 6 room natural therapy centre in central Wellington, NZ. From there I explored the corporate world with a 10 year career in Sales and Sales Management. Some of my greatest learnings came from my sales role. Cold calling to build two South Island territories where there had previously been only 2 direct accounts and supporting a team of 9 reps to grow the NZ business by over 60% in a 4 year period.

Now as an Intuitive Coach,  NLP Coach, Timeline Therapist, Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master, Teacher and Entrepreneur, I bring all of these experiences together to support you in your business and life. I expertly and intuitively guide you to an awareness of what’s holding you back, leading you to clarity on the next steps so that you can confidently experience the success you desire in your business and life.

Are you ready for lasting change? Lets get started today.