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The one thing my 6 years of coaching has shown me is that by the time you find me you are totally over being “stuck” and ready for lasting change.

Building a life you love, a thriving business, growing your social media, having a waitlist of ideal clients eager to work with you, time freedom, financial success, deeply connected relationships and friends who just get you!

Its not a lot to ask is it?

Imagine if all you had to do, to have what you want, was to simply be yourself

Well….it really is that easy, let me show you how.

Creating the life you want isn’t about doing or saying the “right” things

Its simply about removing the barriers between you and the life you desire.

Those barriers are the thoughts, beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck and they are all something you can change.

Are you ready to radiate confidence from the inside out and achieve all your truest desires?


The Insight Coaching method

Each person has their own story, experience, and path to transformation but my unique framework helps each individual step into their power and feel truly free.

The Insight Coaching Method supports you to really connect with the truth of who you are, own your strengths and become clear on your specific blocks and beliefs that are holding you back. Together we will re-frame and shift those beliefs leaving you free from self imposed limits and fearlessly stepping into your full potential in both your business and personal life.

Uncovering your unique story…

I am here to  hold space for you to share your truth, to show me the journey you have walked to this point. Your story holds so many clues to what makes you YOU and also holds the map of the beliefs and blocks that are between you and your hearts desires.

From your story we will uncover your strengths and values and these become the foundation for moving you forward.

Using intuitive guidance, NLP and coaching tools I walk you through a process of reframing and shifting your beliefs and blocks for good.

Free from these self imposed limits, life will start to open up for you in ways you never could have imagined.

You will awaken to your own inner guidance and together we will harness that to create a clear vision and pathway forward.


Intuitive NLP Coaching

 Stuck? Overwhelmed? Tired of doing it all yourself?

Something magical happens when you allow yourself the luxury of Coaching support

Let go of the daily struggle to move your life and business forward

Hone in on the key steps to get you results, clear the blocks and beliefs holding you back.

Reignite your mission, purpose and passion in your life and business.

As your Coach, I’ll intuitively guide you to what is keeping you stuck and help you understand it. Then using NLP coaching techniques we’ll re- frame it and release it for good. Let me support you to break those life-long blocks, stop the self sabotage and step into the truth of who you are, so you can enjoy the freedom, fun and success that you know your life and business can bring you.

Package options include 4 or 6 sessions

Face to face in Christchurch or Zoom for rest of the world

Payment Plan available


Deepen In and CREATE Coaching Programs

Do you feel like what you want in your heart and what you have in your life just don’t match up?

Have you lost faith in your ability to attract healthy relationships?

Are you feeling like you don’t fit in with your group of friends anymore?

Struggling to make career and life choices or any decisions at all?

Do you feel like you don’t even know yourself?

I have designed two powerful coaching programs just for you! Let me support you to re-discover who you are.

Deepen in is a 6 week program designed to connect you deeply to the truth of who you are and to build your inner tool box for self support, resilience and personal growth. Deepen In runs twice yearly in April and September.

CREATE Intuitive Leadership program is for women who are ready to accelerate in all areas of their life. This is a 10 month Invitation only program that offers both group and one on one support. CREATE is for the woman who is ready to live her purpose and create a sustainable, abundant life based on a foundation of values, alignment and authentic self expression. Feel free to be YOU

Mastermind Circles

Women’s Mastermind Circles are a cost-effective way of receiving coaching, accountability and support in a group of like-minded women. Two options available Biz Women on Purpose -face to face in Christchurch or Intuitive Spirit Online Mastermind

Each circle is 6 month container

What’s it like to work with me?