What my clients say…

I just finished an Insight Coaching Life reboot with Paula. She made such a difference in my life and gave me tools to carry on. She helped me find out the deep-down reason why I was procrastinating, helped lift and understand some physical symptoms that I had for years, and she released my voice of intuition. I’m so grateful for the journey I had with you. Thank you so much!

Deborah Chadoutaud

Maslet Mindpro Animal Behaviour

Paula really helps you to focus on what is important to you and then pin point what you need to achieve. Thanks Paula as I have achieved a few goals already before this crazy virus hit. I still feel focused but just on a different path now- as we all are!

Ester van de Sande

I have had one session with Paula which I have found to be brilliant so far, it has cracked through some blocks I have buried deep down for years and I feel I am more confident moving forward to gain more control in my life.

Wendy Day

The Bare Essentials

I found my soul-based coaching session with Paula extremely valuable. I am just starting my own business, and Paula helped me see that my fear and stagnation was based on a past experience of betrayal in a work setting. I was afraid to let myself be vulnerable again. Once I understood that, I could work through it and free myself from this old pattern of thinking. Now I am moving forward and just launched my business! Paula’s intuitive ability to see inside my heart and soul helped her shine the light on exactly what was keeping me bogged down in one place. I highly recommend Paula, especially if you need to figure out what is keeping you stuck. She is simply amazing.

Fisher Woodward

Intuitive Healer

In only two sessions we covered so much, more than I ever expected. Your calm clear way of suggesting ideas, and making me think outside the square was amazing stuff. I was frantically scribbling down notes the whole time as I didn’t want to forget any of the valuable advice and suggestions. The reason I needed coaching was because I have lots of ideas, and they post into my head at any given time, and float around in a shambles until I get overwhelmed and give up on them all. I needed someone to help me organise these thoughts and ideas so I can turn them into something meaningful that I can go forward with. That has certainly happened as a result of your coaching and I am feeling very excited now I am on track. You have a way with words, you have lots of great ideas and suggestions, you have a calm manner that instantly put me at ease, and I believe this is the perfect vocation for you. I am sure we will interact again in the future. It has been invaluable, thank you.

Sharon Arnold

New Zealand

I’ve been a member of one of Paula’s Mastermind Circles for over a year. She has supported me, Coached me, encouraged me and enabled me to not only Build my Primary Business but to renew and expand another Business. Paula has a knack to not only hear what you are saying… but also what you are not saying. Thanks Paula.

Lorraine Thompson

The Key to Natural Health

I have had the privilege of working with Paula, her calm, caring manner was so genuine and authentic. Her listening skills and the ability to pick up on subtle hints and clues was outstanding. She was very empathetic and intuitive and gave me some ways of thinking about things that I hadn’t thought of before. It didn’t feel like a coaching session but more a chat with an old friend. I highly recommend Paula to anyone who is wanting to move ahead in life.

Emma Burke

Paula McFarlane is an AMAZING coach. Paula has a unique ability to identify just what it is that is holding you back and empowers you to discover and feel the issue for yourself and guides you through it, opening up possibilities you never imagined

Mary Hurrell

Your space Pilates

Paula holds a lovely space to explore ourselves and our purpose in a heartfelt way

Charlotte Murray


Invaluable insight, a depth of real experience to call on and a loving heart to hear me made working with Paula a powerful investment for me!

Lysa Black

New Zealand

I went from not loving, respecting and understanding myself to having a stronger relationship with myself. Paula is able to reach me when I cant get there on my own. She has made me realise the life I envision for myself is possible. Her Intuitive ability has shown me the tools I need and her individualised approached has really helped me. When I first met Paula I was yet to sign my first client, working with her has allowed me to develop my business in line with who I am. Now I choose the clients I want to work with. She has shown me I can create a life centred around who I really and be successful at it. Life just keeps getting better.

Ellen van Ballegooij

Balance Bookkeeping

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