Deepen In is for the souful, creative and inspired woman ready to cement her connection to herself and to spirit.

You’re ready to bring deeper levels of creativity, connection, flow and abundance to your work, life and relationships and to surround yourself with like-minded soul sisters.

This is your next evolution, your opportunity to understand your process, to step out of the fear and self sabotage cycle and into the life, work, community and relationships you desire and deserve. Deepen In will cement your trust in yourself and your intuition, in life and in your most heartfelt desires.

It will be my greatest priviledge to Deepen In with you.


This Course is for you if:

  • You feel the call to develop a regular practice of self connection and alignment with spirit.

  • Finding a process to keep  you in your creative flow has been a struggle but you’re ready to change that.

  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and convincing yourself your ideas wont work is a regular cycle for you. 

  • You have big dreams or a sense that something greater is in store and you’re ready to start taking consistent action towards that.

  • You crave a supportive community of like-minded soul sisters

  • You want to find your authentic voice and feel able to share your message with the world

  • You are ready to start seeing concrete results in your life, business and relationships.

What you get

A 6 week container of coaching, practical strategies, accountability and support.

Weekly group coaching calls including alignment and embodiment practices and opportunities to get your specific questions answered.

1:1 NLP/Intuitive Coaching call to shift your personal blocks/beliefs/fears/patterns

30 minute Intuitive reading to support your next steps

Pay in full
6 x weekly payments

The next round of Deepen In begins March 2022. To go on the waitlist and be first to get the info email

 I am so excited to be offering this program. It is my intention that this course will leave you feeling connected to yourself and spirit and clear on what supports you to strengthen this relationship daily

 I have designed the content to give you a tool kit of resources to draw from when life throws you curve balls. 

As an NLP & Intuitive coach and spiritual teacher these are the exact tools I use with my clients and in my own life to create positive change and growth. 

I am an NLP Coach, Timeline Therapist, Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, and hold a Bachelor of Education but the skills I teach in this course are not from my academic training they are tools developed by and introduced to me over 20 years of spiritual and personal development they are keys for self understanding and for creating a life with meaning and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a self-study course or a group coaching program?

This is a Group Coaching program. Each week we will meet on zoom and work together on strategies and practices to keep you in flow plus you will have the opportunity to have your specific questions answered

Do I need to attend the Q&A calls live?

No, the call will be recorded but if you want specific support it would pay to attend or to email your questions to Paula in advance so she can answer them during the call.

What if I change my mind?

 The course content is amazing and I are sure you will love it but I understand that this is an investment and it can be a scary decison to make to invest in your own personal growth so we do offer a 48 hour refund policy. No refund will be given after the course has begun.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes a payment plan in available. If you would like to look at a payment pla option please email