Have you felt the benefit of support in your life?

Sadly for a lot of women the answer to that question is no. We don’t always reach out for or allow ourselves to receive the support we need to shine and to achieve our goals. Traditional business advice doesnt always work for us either because as women, we tend to rely on our intuition and creativity than strategy and systems.
If you are a woman in business, then support becomes doubly important. Running your own business can be lonely and feel isolating. We have to be all things, to all people and still have the energy to make decisions on a daily basis.

What is a Mastermind Circle?

Biz Women On Purpose Mastermind provides exactly the support you need. A mastermind circle gives you a sisterhood of trusted advisors all focused on supporting you and your business.

A mastermind circle is more than a business support or goal setting group. It is like having your own team of biz bestie’s to run ideas past, to provide you with understanding and support, accountability and motivation for your business and personal growth.  

Meeting every 4 weeks, you will join like-minded women in;
  •  bringing business challenges to the “hive mind” for collaborative sharing of ideas, to gain clarity, confidence  and to iron out      wrinkles.
  • being held accountable to take action on your most important goals
  • offering each other advice, encouragement and celebrating each others success.
  • taking time to work on your business rather than in your business
You have found your biz bestie tribe! Allow yourself to feel deeply the benefit this kind or support can bring to your business and to you personally.

My role as facilitator and coach

The circle format allows time and space for each member to receive what they need. My role is to facilitate that, keeping time and focus as we move through the session and work together with whatever comes up within the group that month.

 I will hold you to your accountability goals and from time to time provide group coaching support on agreed topics.

One on One coaching support options

Members of the mastermind circle have access to one on one coaching with me at a discounted rate.  The benefit of having one on one coaching alongside mastermind circle memberships is it allows you to receive individual support alongside the group sessions enhancing your results.

One on one sessions can be aimed at;

  • Clearing blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Setting goals and mapping out specific business strategies and plans
  • Skill development (marketing, social media, communication, relationships intuition)
  • Wellbeing support (stress, change, loss, anxiety)

The Mastermind Circle meets every 4 weeks and is a 6 Month commitment.  If you are unable to attend a meeting you will be offered a 30min zoom call with Paula to catch up. At the end of the 6 month period you will have the opportunity to review your membership and continue for another 6 month block if you wish.

The group meets Face to Face 4 weekly on a Friday from 1230pm -230pm Call Paula 0274327601 or email to register your interest and for pricing and 2023 meeting dates