Together we can find the answers….
Confidently running and growing your business can seem overwhelming and out of reach. Especially if you keep coming up against the same limitations. Maybe you lack the courage to go all in or fell like you just cant do it as well as your competition. 

I’m here to tell you that you CAN create the business and income you dream of. You are only limited by your beliefs. Whether its procrastination, overwhelm or lack of clarity or clients together we can find the answers.
The Coaching Mentorship program is all about YOU. Its an 8 week wrap around program design to guide you to whats holding you back and get you moving forward today.

During our sessions I intuitively guide you to the exact beliefs and experiences that are keeping you stuck. Together we re-frame them and then create an action plan to get you moving forward. The program includes email support between sessions plus practical tools and tips to help you focus on the most important actions each week.

One on One coaching support is one of the best investments you can make in you own personal growth and development
$1547 (payment plan available)

What is it like to work with Paula?

​Paula holds a lovely space to explore ourselves and our purpose in a heartfelt way” Charlotte Murray, Christchurch.

I just finished an 8 one on one sessions with Paula.
She made such a difference in my life and gave me tools to carry on. She helped me find out the deep-down reason why I was procrastinating, helped lift and understand some physical symptoms that I had for years, and she released my voice of intuition.
I’m so grateful for the journey I had with you. Thank you so much! 
Deborah Chadoutard Maslet
Mindpro Animal Behaviour

Paula McFarlane is an AMAZING coach. Paula has a unique ability to identify just what it is that is holding you back and empowers you to discover and feel the issue for yourself and guides you through it, opening up possibilities you ne​ver imagined. Mary Hurrell Your Space Pilates