Do you really know who you are?

Can you truthfully answer that question at the deepest level? Do you know your strengths and values and really own your worth? Its really common to feel confused about your true self, to feel like your life is not a true reflection of you. To have parts of you the world sees and parts you keep hidden because they feel vulnerable or not good enough, yet part of you knows there is more and craves that true sense of connection and purpose.

  • You see we dont get taught how to know ourselves at school 
  • We grow up believing we need to fit it and not stand out
  • And we end up making choices to keep other people happy rather than choosing what we really want
  • We work in jobs that dont make us happy, we stay in relationnships that arent right for us and we know something needs to change but we dont know what

This is Me is a 6 week Online Coaching Journey designed to lead you to knowing and trusting what is right for you

This Course is for you if

  • You want to confidently own your worth, your strengths and know what you are good at.
  • You know there is more for you, that you are here for a bigger purpose but you havent found it yet
  • You have big dreams but feel paralysed about taking action
  • Showing up on Social media scares the Shiz out of you but you long to be really seen.
  • You want to find your authentic voice and feel able to share your message with the world
  • You are tired of going around in circles and not feeling any clearer on what would make you feel fulfilled
  • You want to build a deeper connection to yourself and strengthen your intuition and spiritual practice in your life

Make no mistake this course is about growth, growth in confidence, self-acceptance, self belief, self- worth and sense of purpose

What we’ll cover

Week 1~Knowing me: Understanding your Strengths and Values and how you express them in your life. Gaining confidence in what you have to offer Week 2~Feeding Me: Gain clarity on your needs and desires, what fills you up and what depletes you. Making a life that reflects and includes space for what you want and giving yourself permission to have that! Week 3~ Mindset Me: What are your core beliefs? What patterns are showing up in your life? How they are holding you back and how to shift them to bring more money, clients and success in your business and satisfaction in your life. Week 4~ Finding Me: Connect to your soul self and build a solid pathway to your inner guidance and authentic voice, take steps to express who you are in your life. Week 5 ~ Sensing Me: Identify your woo super powers. Explore and understand your intuition. Learn how to strengthen it and to clearly connect with your inner voice. Week 6 ~ Becoming Me: Owning your worth, finding a sense of purpose and developing confidence in expressing your Authentic Spirit in your life and work. Week 7~ Putting it all together Bonus call Q&A

Over the 6 Weeks you will recieve 

  • 6 x Video Trainings
  • 6x Live Q & A Calls
  • Downloadable workbook each week
  • Bonus Q & A Call on Week 7
  • 2 x recorded meditations to use during the course
  • Weekly affirmations and Journal prompts
  • Total cost $447 (payment plan available)
  • We start on Monday 23rd September 2019

I am so excited to be offering this program. It is my intention that this course will leave you feeling confident in your strengths and abilites.

 I have designed the content to take you on a journey that not only supports you to own your worth but also gives you a tool kit of resources to draw from when life throws you curve balls. 

As an Intuitive coach these are the exact tools I use with my clients and in my own life to create positive change and growth. 

I am a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, a Pashca Therapist and have a degree in Education but the skills I teach in this course are not from my academic training they are tools for self understanding and for creating a life with meaning and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a self-study course or a group coaching program?

This is a Group Coaching program. Each week you will be sent a recorded video training and workbook and we will have a live Q&A call where you can ask questions about the content or get coached specifically on how the material applies to your situation

Do I need to attend the Q&A calls live?

No, the Q&A call will be recorded but if you want specific support it would pay to attend or to email your questions to Paula in advance so she can answer them during the call.

What if I change my mind?

 The course content is amazing and we are sure you will love it but we understand that this is an investment and it can be a scary decison to make to invest in your own personal growth so we do offer a 48 hour refund policy. No refund will be given after the course has begun.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes a payment plan in availabe. If you would like to look at a payment pla option please email