The two most underrated tools for self-healing and personal growth.

The two most underrated tools for self-healing and personal growth.

If you are in my orbit its likely you are on a journey of getting to know yourself better, finding your purpose, healing, personal growth, self care and/or opening up to your intuitive/spiritual nature. This  is a journey I have been on myself for more than 20 years.

In all  that time of the working on myself and working with others I have experimented with many ideas, teachings, tools and processes. I have learnt that instead of turning within, we can overthink our growth and healing and externalise the process by looking for the method or practice that will change everything for us.

What changes everything is curiosity and kindness.

In truth our healing journey back to our true nature is an inside job. All of the external trimmings a distraction from our truest truth, which we are both most afraid of and trying our hardest to connect to.

The solution is curiosity and kindness.

In my work with my clients I see it as my role to support you to embrace the inner journey, to slowly step towards that which feels most uncomfortable with curiosity and kindness. It sounds so very simple yet it can be one of the hardest things to do.

I often observe in my clients as I have in myself this palpable aversion to offering ones self an olive branch, a rope, a ladder, a helping hand. While we often have the capacity to be deeply present with those around us, to support them through tough moments and soul searching it can feel extremely hard to offer even the smallest amount of curiosity and kindness to ourselves.

Our expectation is that we “should” be able to work it out or we “should” be over it by now and we turn to ourself with judgement, harsh self talk, frustration an exasperation instead of a little curiosity and kindness.

Curiosity and kindness break down our inner walls and open a door to greater self understanding, compassion and awareness.

Curiosity and kindness when directed towards ones self, melts those tough defences and invites the soft underbelly of our fears and deepest desires out to play.

Nothing is off limits when we apply curiosity and kindness

So how do we begin to bring curiosity and kindness to the table in our time of need? The easiest way to begin is to imagines you are speaking to a small child with a worry or a problem. Its easier to bring curiosity and kindness to the table when you imagine a dialogue with a child. The harsh judge within takes a step back and allows your curious and kind nature to step forward. When speaking with a child we ask gentle inviting questions and we use soft tones and nurturing words because we know that will invite a sharing and the problem will reveal its self in the safety of your curiosity and kindness.

Offering myself curiosity and kindness in this way has allowed me to build a bridge of deep connection with my truest self and my deepest desires.

It has allowed me to fully accept myself and to heal and to grow and to be the truth of who I am a little more each day. Curiosity and kindness have allowed me to support myself in every aspect of my life and to turn to others for support when I need it.  Curiosity and Kindness are the two most underrated tools for self healing and personal growth.  Today I invite you to experiment a little with curiosity and kindness yourself and to let me know if you feel and opening as I have. An opening of a deeper relationship to yourself.

“The door to the sanctuary is inside you” Rumi

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